Finally our favorite men in suits are back. Though we hate leaving our Mike incarcerated at the Federal Correctional institution, we are pleased the show is returning this month July 13th. Hopefully it will give us the answers we want and give its viewers that happy ending.
So if you’ve not been watching here’s a little back story: Suits is set at a fictional law firm in New York called Pearson, Spector, Litt formerly Pearson Hardman. Mike Ross, a brilliant young man kicked out of college for selling answers to a test, becomes a bicycle messenger for a living. Convinced by his friend Trevor he partakes in drug deal that goes sour. Luckily for him he stumbles into an interview with Harvey Spector, a senior partner. Mike proves to Harvey he is the best candidate despite the fact that he does not have a college degree and has never been to a law school. Though the show is beginning its sixth season, the story is still fresh and there’s still countless plots to explore.
Wondering why you should watch Suits ; Here are three reasons why you should.

Unbeatable fashion
Apart from the great storyline, it’s one of the most fashionable shows on TV. The shows costume designer Andreatta Jolie, does a great job styling the cast. The men wear top designers like Tom Ford, Gucci, Dior and the women Prada, Victoria Beckham and the like. So if you are a fashion lover, this is for you. You can take your mind off the legal dialogue for a second and get some outfits ideas. Don’t worry it’s not just the main cast, everyone is well styled from the receptionist to the named partners.

SUITS -- Season: 2 -- Pictured: (l-r) Rick Hoffman as Louis Litt, Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson, Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter, Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross, Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane, Sarah Rafferty as Donna -- Photo by: Robert Ascroft/USA Network


The chemistry
The character’s chemistry is so real. From Louis and the cat, Donna and Harvey to Mike and Rachael. They all have a great bond which transfers into their work. Actor Patrick J. Adams (Mike)and the Actress Meghan Markle( Rachael) who play his love interest are friends in real life as actor Gabriel Macht (Harvey) and actress Sarah Rafferty (Donna) who plays his secretary. And now, after being together for five years and counting, the bond is even better.

USA CORPORATE -- "USA Network Upfront 2013 Talent Portraits" -- Pictured: (l-r) Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams from Suits -- (Photo by: Jill Greenberg/USA Network)


The pop culture twist
Suits is not all legal terminologies. Like many of us, the characters use endless jargons and reference favorite TV shows and movies. I bet you can make your very own must-watch list. Combined with the bromance, its definitely great for TV.
What do you think should happen in the new season? What does the future hold for Rachael in Law. With mike’s brains maybe he might get some deal and come back to helping the district attorney in some way. Leave your thoughts below.

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