Glitz style awards: the worst dressed celebs

The Ghanaian Glitz Style Awards which recently ended caught our attention and I must say in the fashion department some got it right and others not-so-right.

We weren’t really impressed with what the celebs wore in general- hello its the style awards. Playing safe or bad fashion sense is completely unacceptable. For some I kept wondering, did you hear about the awards that day or you were on your way somewhere and decided to stop by-no offense.

What some celebrities fail to understand is image is everything and they can make millions if they brand themselves well. Some also need to face the reality “its time to get a stylist and a real one.

Ghanaian actress Nana Ekua Addo


Stunning we gave her the best dressed of the evening. From the hair, make-up to accessories she was killing it. Her nose contouring was a little too much. It was too defined and that’s the only thing we would have changed. And probably a tiny ring on her finger. Her hands looked too bare.

14134700_1766182180318540_853130418_n Gorgeous!


Ok lets get down to business. Below are our not so favorite looks of the evening.

Ghanaian actress Nana Ama McBrown


Honey who ever gave you that dress or recommended it does not either like you or doesn’t know what they are doing. We get it someone has to look not so great but why must it be you. Great makeup and accessories but we cannot day the same for the hair .



Ghanaian singer Irene Logan


Really! Where did that dress come from. Nice clutch though.

Ghanaian actress Ama K. Abebrese

Ok so we are not exactly feeling this look by the Ghanaian actress. She’s been in major blockbusters and she should know the world is watching . She’s gorgeous but this wasn’t working, certainly not.



International Model Belinda Baidoo


Ghanaian singer Becca
Ghanaian Singer Becca

These gorgeous ladies are on this list for a similar reason. That cleavage was way too much. When it comes fashion comfort is key.  It should be  fun, flirty, comfy name it. That was not the case. The upper part of Becca’s dress didn’t fit properly and Belinda’s hair was sure not doing her any justice.

Style Blogger Afua Rida

She’s a stylist and a blogger. She should definitely know better. The dress was a bit too old for her and that neck piece. Hair, not so great. Learn something from Hayet.

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