The rebel: Fashion guide for the plus size

Fashion blogger Sandee

Hello fashionistas, so today we are ripping apart the fashion rules for the plus size. Fashion is a way of expressing oneself. So why the many rules.

Fashion should be fun, about how you want to present your identity to the world; hence the out dated notion of hard and fast rules to dress by are well and truly out of fashion.

So it is time let’s make new rules. Be a rebel.

1. “Never wear white”

Says who?? Its definitely ok to rock the colour white as long as it fits. Yea you heard right, you can wear your favorite white dress as long as it fits properly.So the secret here is the fit not necessarily the colour. White clothing will not make you appear big as long as you find the right pieces and incorporate it to flatter your curves. Always make it a point to pick materials with substance and structure to provide adequate support.



2.“Bright Colors Will Call Unnecessary Attention to Your Shape.

Completely disagree. Imagine having to flee from all the wonderful colors on the colour wheel (red,orange,cream,pink…). What exactly will be left to wear. That will be like living in cave. Life is too short for all these complications. So yes you can wear your favorite colours. The trick is understanding your shade and undertone so that you can choose the colours that compliment you.



3. “Flee from Stripes

We hear this all the time but don’t be too quick to jump into the boat. Indeed the human brain will draw an attention to your shape if you are wearing the wrong stripes. That means there are good stripes for the plus size beauty. So whats the wrong stripes-the chunky horizontal stripes. The good or correct stripes-can be small and horizontal, vertical, asymmetrical,parallel etc. So when shopping, look for stripes that angle inward to help slim your waistline. Always note that the thinner the stripes the better.











Image credit: Cindy Pineda, Manon Edwards,and Roxy Reyes

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