3 Curling Mistakes to Avoid

o.k, so you might be making at least one of these mistakes and you probably don’t know about it. That’s why am here to remind you. If you haven’t experienced the troubles of damage hair you probably won’t understand. Damaged hair is caused by so many factors among them is heat. Luckily we have about 90 percent control over this. For women, the whole procedure of making the hair look great can turn around and cause great harm. Since we want to make sure we can still use our curling tools, let’s share some common mistakes we make and avoid them.



Not Using Heat Protecting Products
This is an absolute must especially if you curl your hair all the time. It’s so easy to not take the time to apply a heat protecting product to your hair before using your heated styling tools. But, it is a very bad idea! The thing is, adding heat to your hair with a tool like your curling iron can cause major damage to your hair. When we don’t use protecting products we’re increasing the chances of our hair getting damaged. And let’s face it…damaged hair doesn’t look great no matter how great you are with your curling iron. So avoid curling your hair without any product. There are so many affordable products out there so save your hair the pain. And some actually help you get great results.


Curling on Wet Hair

Always make sure your hair is dry before you start curling with a hot curling iron. Wet or even damp hair is extremely fragile, so blasting it with heat will cause damage and breakage. If you are always rushing in the morning, try washing your hair the night before. It’s not worth cutting corners and styling wet hair. If you are an offender you’d realize that your hair begins to tear and with no time the volume will decrease.


Using Too Much Heat
So let’s put it this way, you don’t need all the heat in world to get your curls. One of the quickest ways to damage your hair is regularly using too much heat. “Extreme damage easily happens when the tool is too hot. Try lower settings to find out the perfect setting for your individual hair. Let the hair cool after you take the iron out and you will incredible results.


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