The Flash Season 3 Episode 6: Shade Review

The Flash Season 3 Episode 6


If Alchemy being after Wally plot had not been exploited then the writers are out of this world. If you read my previous review I did mention this concept. It’s a story line I have been expecting. So was Shade good? Hell Yea it was.

However the character shade could have been exploited more other than serve as mere distraction from Alchemy.

I certainly can’t fault this one for not getting enough stuff done, because it certainly did that, there’s no question about it. And considering what’s in store for Caitlin next week and then the fact that the week after we have the big annual crossover event, well, The Flash certainly can’t be accused of spinning its wheels this season, can it?

We’ve known for a while now that Wally is gonna want to do whatever it takes to get his speed. We’ve also known that he would probably go about doing it in the most unexpected way possible. Both of these things were fulfilled, to be sure, but they did their best to not make Wally look like a total dumbass, even though he still kinda went for it at the end there.

Also the fact that Wally was in, agonizing freakin’ pain and having the equivalent of terrifying hallucinations probably makes me feel a little better about him going for the Stone even when he shouldn’t have. You may think he shouldn’t have but I wanted him to


HR to me hasn’t proven himself yet. Like Iris mentioned if you are not a scientist or have powers your contribution to the team is minimal. He’s yet to prove he can bring something to the table other than play with gadgets.

It was great to let Caitlyn and Cisco tell the team about her powers. Overall the season has been more than great.My only problem was Alchemy looked more of a robot than a metahuman-if you’ve watched Real Steel.

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