The Real Reason Loni Love stopped wanting kids


On a recent episode of The Real, the ladies opened up about pregnancy scares and what form of birth control they prefer to use.



The light segment, which involved Jeannie Mai’s expired condom story, shifted to serious when Loni Love talked about getting pregnant in her late 20s.

After taking 14 pregnancy tests, the comedian found out from a physician that she was indeed pregnant.




“At the time, I started processing it,” she says. “The dude I was with, he was excited, but I was still really, really nervous. But then, eventually, you know that nature takes over. And, sure enough, as soon as I was OK with [the pregnancy], about 8 weeks, I miscarried.”

The comedian went on to explain that the incident is what’s made her not want to have children

“I just never wanted that feeling again, because I was already afraid,” she says of her decision to never have children. “I had so much love for that baby. That’s why I don’t take it lightly. After that, I made sure I would never get pregnant again, because I didn’t want to go through that. I felt like it was a person I was letting down.”

“That’s the reason I don’t have children to this day.”

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