We can’t say Goodbye to these Braids

Like a wise man pnve said “there’s nothing new under the sun”. That’s so true. The whole of 2016 we have seen so many gorgeous hairstyles.     Truth be said,most of them have.been around for a while.but that doesn’t mean we should let it fade away with the passing year.     So today


Stunning bridal hairstyles every bride would love

So before you make an appointment with your hair stylist for your big day, you will probably want to have some ideas on how you want your hair to look. Your hair contribute greatly to your overall look and you wanna get it right.     So you may think picking an outfit for a


3 Curling Mistakes to Avoid

o.k, so you might be making at least one of these mistakes and you probably don’t know about it. That’s why am here to remind you. If you haven’t experienced the troubles of damage hair you probably won’t understand. Damaged hair is caused by so many factors among them is heat. Luckily we have about


Hair Trends for the Month of October

When it comes to the hair trends, it always has been a free-for-all. We always have to to go with what we feel like. If you like short hair, go short. Prefer it long? Go for it.   But it’s ok to try something new. So for  the month of October we got some insane



The days of feeling like an oldie when you have grey hair is over. Silver hair as it is termed is the hair trend to definitely rock. Grey is the new blonde. When it comes to fashion and trends the most important part is to look great. I must say, there is no point in